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About Us

When I began practicing law in 1989, I wanted to focus my practice on areas of the law which directly impact Arizona consumers. This focus included assisting individuals who are dealing with credit report problems.

Studies over the past ten years have shown that more than half of the credit reports surveyed contain serious errors or mistakes which could result in credit denial, higher interest rates, higher insurance rates, or denial of employment. Meaning, many Arizona consumers are paying more than they should for cars, homes or insurance, or are altogether being denied credit or employment based on inaccurate credit information.

You need to make sure that the information on your credit report is accurate and up to date!

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA, is a federal law that regulates the activities of (a) consumer reporting agencies, also known as credit bureaus; (b) the users of credit reports, such as banks, credit unions, collection agencies, insurance companies, and employers (“users”); and (c) those who furnish information to the credit bureaus, including banks, credit unions, and collection agencies (“furnishers”).

I created this site to provide you with information on how to manage your credit report, including how to obtain copies of your credit reports, and how to review them for accuracy. There is also information here to help you correct any inaccurate or erroneous data you may find. Sometimes, however, despite your best efforts, some inaccurate information may remain on your credit report and the only solution is the take legal action against those reporting the information.

If you reside in Arizona, and are a victim of identity theft or have had your credit file mixed with someone else with a similar name, or have other inaccurate or incomplete information on your report, I would be glad to assist you. I invite you to contact me either by phone (480-756-8822) or through my Contact Page.